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Jan 7-10, 2024

Jan 7 -

Brady had a sleep over at our home with Will and Dawson - woke up and took all the crew to church with exception of Mandy who went to Church of the Good Shepherd to be a greeter.

Saw Andy Ward and had a nice conversation at church.

Also saw Travis Dotson and Mike Williams / Nikki Williams

Jan 8 -

No OR time - crazy day

Took Chase to basketball practice and talked with Sam from COGS

Came home and made Hello Fresh Burgers - 7/10 score

Michigan wins national championship in football over Washington - 34-13

Jan 9 -

Finally thought we would discharge Doug Patterson - but IPR didn't have a bed until 1/10 -- hopefully tmr

Had chicken / vegetable soup for dinner - 3.5/10 score

Worked to get setup for NR2K3 to race at Talladega with Dad Thursday night - Josh Metallic quite helpful - 90% process complete

Kids out of school b/c of heavy rain / flooding./ wind

Invited to Bible Study on Matthew by Alisha Tuck - such a sweet gesture

Jan 10 -

Bitcoin ETF approval today?

Clinic only day - 3 hospital pts to see

Perhaps my best day of doing this journal will be on clinic days.

Kids 2 hour delay today 2/2 weather.

Woke up naturally at 6:15 AM and feel energized

Excited for UNC/NCSU bball game at 8 PM.

Goals for next few day:

  1. Finish getting NR2K3 setup.- fun

  2. Reach out to insurance re: repair reimbursement : Brad Hines / Bria Gregory / Kirt Watkins

  3. Dinner tonight: Pork tacos?

  4. Do at least ONE template for work TODAY -- current notes are horrible and driving me crazy

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