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Jan. 16-17, 2024

Jan 16

Revision case - difficult revision #3 out of the 3 I've been in - quite bloody - had to put in drain

Decompression took quite some time - lots and lots of use of the K's and R's and sponge work galore - sponge work improving

Big win for NCSU over Wake -- exciting game

Ellis beats China Grove 49-8 -- great transition basketball

Chicken lettuce wraps -- fairly enjoyable

Jan 17

Seek the Lord!

Adam Edwards having DBS tomorrow - pray for him and his recovery

Bring the Edwards dinner one night

Crazy work day - inpt / clinic / back to inpt - dropping orders / phone calls , etc - glad Sarah will be back tmr - I've missed her

Walking on egg shells w/ Mandy and comments - discussed w/ her

Meeting w/ Father Tom at Tanglewood Pizza Company -- officially decided to leave COGS - he endorsed Calvary West w/ high remarks

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