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Jan 5/6

Friday Jan 5

Good overall day -

Highlights: Solid day at work

Pts doing well

Enjoyed continuing reading The Great Bridge

Good family time.

Time with wife.

Made an enjoyable dinner from Hello Fresh that the family seemed to like - Sweet Chili Chicken Rice Bowls

with Chicken Thighs, Sesame Slaw & Quick Pickled Cucumber

Saturday Jan 6

Weather terrible - cold / damp / rainy

Chase had first basketball game - he played well

Busy afternoon - Brady has a birthday party from 12-2. Ellie has 2 birthday parties 2-4 and 4-6 PM. Going to take Will, Dawson, and Brady to watch NCSU play UVA at Buffalo Wild Wings after the party

Then they will come over and spend the night

Goals for upcoming week:


  1. Templates / Notes

    1. Rounding

    2. Consult

    3. New pt cervical

    4. New pt lumbar

    5. Routine F/u OV w/o surgery

    6. Hospital f/u - no surgery

    7. F/u from prior surgery

Personal life:

  1. Mandy Valentines gift and Birthday gift


  1. Get someone to hang TV over mantle ?

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