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Jan 11-12

Jan 11

First day own my on at work without Sarah - she's in Colorado hopefully having an enjoyable time

Assisted with ACDF / C5 corpectomy and partial C6 corpectomy -- great results from pt perspective

Made Lousiana style tilapia for dinner - a bit labor intensive - but fairly tasty

Attempted to run Talladega race with dad on NR2K3 - failed to make the show in knock out qualifying after limited practice - but not sure more practice would have mattered --- strong field

Jan 12

Clinic day at work - finished feeling still having lots of energy - unusual feeling and a nice change

Worried a bit about Phyllis who we did surgery on as her Hgb is dropping - needs transfusion

Ellie excited for horse show tomorrow

Parents, boys, and I were scheduled to go to Raleigh tomorrow for Mom's family get together - but Brady is mildly under the weather and Chase vomited right after dinner last night and c/o abdominal discomfort -- doubt we will make it to Raleigh which is a bummer because i haven't seen mom's family in a while - outside of at funerals

Items to do for next week:

Get issue with insurance straight -- Andy from State farm - finally got in touch with him -- Bria Gregory of limited help and Brad Hines has passed the file onto someone else apparently. I've paid the mitigation portion of repairs and apparently STOP was supposed to pay State Farm on that directly

Start looking in to summer vacations -- spine conference vs family med again

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