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March 3-6

March 3: 42nd birthday - went to Diamondback Grill last night with parents, kids, Mandy and David

Watched race/had cake

Spread out pine straw / aerated yard / put down grass seed - rain coming 3/6

3/4/24: BTC approaching all time high

3/5/24: Big BTC price drop - frustrating day at work - bought car for Mandy - went to pick it up and had to pickup Ellie from horse barn and dinner

3/6/24: Frustrated with how Mandy treats / acts - shows zero appreciation / selfish.

C-spine Durotomy management HOB 70 deg

To Do:

Cash check from Jeannette

Meeting with Dr. Bennett / Sarah

Sell bed

Pain Chase's bed

Build Brady's new bed

Rearrange garage

Meeting agenda:

  1. Schedule

  2. Optimization of time

  3. PA/Supervising physician sheets

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