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June 4, 2024

Not happy with my relationship with Mandy.

She doesn't engage unless it is to something that benefits her or the kids.

Looking forward to going out for Mom's birthday - got her a cook book and a biscuit making kit + a sweet card; I think she'll enjoy it.

Took some nice pictures of downtown WS around Old Salem.

Was an enjoyable day except for Mandy's cold shoulder - I'm used to this though, unfortunately.

Work was great - exciting C4-7 ACDF and C2-T2 PSIF on a lady I worked up - hope she benefits.

Mike Hill doing well s/p T7-T10 revision surgery - excited to see this - he doesn't have long left to live though, I'm afraid.

Miss my old co-workers at times, especially Carla - but love the new job.

Late night entry; tired - about to finish Midgnight at Cherynobyl. Must find next book.

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