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Jan 3/4, 2024

Jan 3, 2024

Well I forgot to put in an entry last night - family time and being on call took priority.

Brief overview of 1/3/24:

Clinic day - no surgeries / rounded on pts in the hospital.

New templates needed for consultations / updated Rounding info to add oxygen at baseline / consults needed and pt age

Exercised at the YMCA - ran 1 mile and lifted wts

Picked Ellie up from horseback riding at 7 PM - got groceries and stopped by Walgreens

Jan 4, 2024

Good day at work - no surgeries - 3 clinic pts - 3 pts in hospital

After work - picked up the boys at the Y - took them by Dairio - ran 1 mile

Working on blog entry

Encouraged Mom to pursue putting recipes together in digital form to help with project

Email received about total amount of money due to STOP restoration for water repairs

Reached out to Transamerica for w/drawl of 403b funds - still listed as active on payroll at WF - will try again twds end of month / after next pay period

Have maintained diligence on Bible reading thus far - looking fwd to trying out Calvary West again this weekend

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