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Jan 22-25

Jan 22

Monday - post call - quite a bit of pts - apparently the norm after being on call

Chase sick - no school

Jan 23

All day clinic day - Tuesday - quiet - I liked it

Tried to race - couldn't stay connected - connection issues

Nearing completion of Las Vegas 1000 piece puzzle

Made Hello Fresh meal

Jan 24

Finished puzzle!

Frustrated w/ several things: work flow / Mandy's attitude

Jan 25

2 ACDFs - 1st was ant/post -- 2nd was just anterior

Enjoyed these

Big Win Ellis basketball over Mooresville - last second FTs by Jordan Crowley

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Feb 10/11

Feb 10: NCSU/WF game - heartbreaker for the Pack - went with Stann, David, and Chase. Met Bennett, Christina, Chase, and Francis. Out to eat after at Brick Oven Pizza - Red Oak beer Chase had bball ga

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